Take-Off First! Tryouts


The Ironwave Society doesn't accept just anyone. Only individuals who are looking for a challenge, meet the minimum physical requirements and really want to push themselves are encouraged to attend one of our monthly tryouts.


The Take-Off First! Tryout is an intense 2-hour orientation and introduction to our philosophy, community and basic techniques. We open the class with a spirited jujutsu demonstration and a short interview. The applicants then go thru basic warm-up and conditioning exercises, introductory techniques and self defense tactics.


These Tryouts are the best way for us to evaluate and determine the eligibility of new applicants while introducing them to key concepts that prepare them for our White Belt Boot-Camp (basic training course) ahead. This is also the best way for you to determine if the Ironwave Society is right for you.


At the end of the session you will receive an electronic invitation to join our White Belt Boot-Camp.


Again as noted on our Classes page- each tryout requires a $20 application fee to reserve your spot in the Tryouts. If you are interested in joining our membership please print & complete the forms below and sign-up for the next Tryouts



Tryout Sign-up

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