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Tetsunami Bujutsu, is japanese for Ironwave Martial-Art. We are a martial art association focused on simplicity and survival. Whether the enemy is an individual or the elements, our mission is to help prepare our members to have the best possible chance at survival if caught in a bad situation.  


We practice simple no-nonsense martial art. This means we keep and refine what is of use and discard the rest. Our street-proven techniques coupled with our leadership path will empower you with the skills and more importantly the confidence to act.  


Tetsunami Bujutsu offers a comprehensive program featuring vigorous workouts, MMA-style sparring, field trips, regular survival-training challenges, and various weapons and firearms courses. We specialize in providing certified training and staff to public and private sector security and protection agencies.

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We are a first-generation member of the  Vee-Jitsu , Al-Nas, Sanuces, Kumite Ryu-United Schools of Survival Family.


That being said, let's face it. Jujutsu is jujutsu… So our approach differs from others in philosophy rather than in techniques learned. To us the best technique is strategy and the best strategy is always leadership first.


Our "School-Style" can be described as a "Best Tool for the Job-Style" school. We want to provide you with as complete a toolkit as possible helping you forge the physical, mental and spiritual fortitude to face real self-defense and raw survival situations. The Tetsunami Bujutsu program encompasses a host of fighting/survival initiatives needed to survive in the "new world"


...and remember, "Hit Like Iron, Flow Like Water!"

Forging Leadership


We at Ironwave take character and youth development very seriously. We believe the best way to keep a youth on track is to put them on one in the first place. Our Senshindo leadership path is designed to do just that.


It is a simple yet effective system of character & intelligence exercises that must be embodied before the student is advanced on to the next belt rank. We hope that our students find these challenges both fun and rewarding, but most of all that they continue these principles thru-out their lives to the benefit of themselves and those around them.














What Fundamentals Must a Man/Woman of Martial Art Possess?


A Man or Woman of Martial Art is one who thinks at all times. They possess speed, form, power, technique, gracefulness, humility and sincerity. They move with the roar of thunder and strike at the speed of lightning.”


The first step into the martial art forge begins with...


Our Code of Conduct





Self Control


Eye to Eye


Martial Art Mash-Up


"Hit Like Iron, Flow Like Water!"


Jujutsu is the ancient mother art of many modern martial disciplines and sports. It includes a comprehensive array of techniques such as strikes, throws, chokes, joint locks and breaks, escapes from holds, use of and defense against weaponry (both ancient and modern), pressure point attacks, meditation and massage. Jujutsu relies not on the strength and size of the practitioner, but rather on a sense of timing and distance and the ability to perform the technique smoothly and by reflex. This ancient art, with its emphasis on building character, community and self-discipline, retains its relevance for the modern world- from Suigetsukan's site definintion.


To explain it in a basic way, our system is a combination of Karate (Striking), Judo (Wrestling), Aikido (Joint-Locking), Escrima/Arnis (PIA Knife-Fighting), Kung Fu and Boxing with an emphasis on dealing with multiple opponents.



5 FUNDAMENTALS of Tetsunami Jujutsu