Above: Youth Flyer 2017
Above: Youth Flyer 2017




The primary goal of the Ironwave Youth-Society is to grow self-esteem, cultivate inner growth, build young minds and bodies, and to instill the fundamental ability to realistically evaluate many of life's situations. Our Leadership Path was developed partially in response to the lack of respect some of our children have for themselves, their parents, and the elderly.


Our curriculum focuses on encouraging children to first attempt non-violent conflict-mediation and resolution options when they are confronted with violent situations at school and among family and peers but to use fast and effective self-defense reponses to strangers/attackers. With the high rate of assault upon children, women and men, good self-defense tactics are a necessity.


Ironwave Youth-Society emphasizes calisthenics, meditation, sparring & wrestling, along with practical self-defense (Jujutsu) training and is structured to incorporate girls and boys of all ethnic and economic backgrounds 4 years old and up. Every youth receives regular, personal and individualized attention. Everyone is appreciated. Every one belongs.


Our program is well suited for anyone- public or private, schools and groups, those with diverse cultural backgrounds and especially children coming from single-parent homes. Our leadership path addresses a wide variety of today's critical youth problems that effect students at and away from school.


We are committed to what we believe to be our common vision of a successful future for our children.



If you are interested in enrolling your child please use the form below to send us your:



Contact Info (preferrably a cell and a gmail address)

Childs Name and Age

and any additional information...


Next print both the Ironwave Emergency Form.pdf and the Ironwave Youth Registration Form.pdf below and bring them with you when you come in.

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Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Payment Plans

Every Ironwave Youth-Society member must take our Youth White Belt Boot-Camp (YWBBC) before joining regular monthly sessions.

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Ongoing Member Plans

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