No more than 5 missed sessions in any three-month period.


Complete all Leadership Key assignments.


Membership fees up to date.


Adult Green Belts and above must be nominated by instructor.


At least 12 years of age to apply for Jr. Black Belt.


At least 17 years of age to apply for full Black Belt.


Register for test by submitting training notebook.


Exam/eval fees must be paid in full 7 days prior to exam.


Examination & Evaluation Fees


Stripe $20/$15

Blue thru Brown Belt $40/$30

Black Belts/Jr. Black Belt $500/$400



Stripe $10

Yellow thru Brown Belt $20

Jr. Black Belt $300

Teacher Certification Applications

Shidoin $600 (Applicant must be Shodan or higher tp apply)

Sensei $1500 (Applicant must be 3rd dan or higher to apply)

Renshi $3500 (Applicant must be certified Sensei & 4th dan or higher to qualify)