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Anton S.A. Muhammad
Anton S.A. Muhammad

A native New Yorker Hanshi Anton Muhammad is an internationally known martial arts master holding a 9th Dan in Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu with over 30 years teaching experience. 


A 2nd generation martial artist, Hanshi is a former Kumite and self-defense champion and a former vice president of A.T.A.M.A. (American Teachers Association of Martial Arts). Hanshi Muhammad is a direct student of Grand Professor Visitacion founder of Vee Jitsu Ryu, grew up under Dr. Moses Powell founder of Sanuces Ryu, Professor Abbass M. Muhammad co-founder of Al-Nas Jiu Jitsu and renowned Aikido master Shihan Luqman Abdul-Hakeem. He is also a direct student of the great Soke Lil' John Davis founder of Kumite Ryu. Hanshi Muhammad as a youth also trained under Grandmaster Cleophus Jacobs & O'sensei Charles Elmore.


Seven-time Black Belt Hall-of-Famer, Grandmaster Muhammad leads martial arts training seminars and workshops nationally and internationally that demonstrate techniques used in survival situations.  He is the founder of Ironwave Martial-Art as well as the creator and master instructor of Tetsunami Jujutsu.